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Small buttons make your custom shirt more classy

Nov 08,2023


Sometimes a little bit of flavor in a shirt comes entirely from the buttons. Today we are discussing how to judge the workmanship of a piece of clothing through the detail of buttons.

Many people judge the quality of a shirt by the quality of the fabric, but often ignore the detail of the buttons. Especially with custom-made shirts, buttons can give a custom-made shirt a truly custom feel. Different styles of buttons generally match different styles of shirts, and each type of shirt has its own regular buttons that match it.

Buttons are divided into natural buttons and artificial buttons

1.Natural button

Horn button

Horn buttons are usually the best and most expensive buttons. Mr. Mahon, a top tailor in Savile Row, said: "Savile Row suit buttons must be ground from the horns of some animals. This is a symbol of quality. Horns The buttons come from buffalo horns, which will naturally appear black or light yellow or spotted. The ones with better hardness are mostly black buffalo horns. The lines on the horns will be different. The more high-end the suit, the more regular the lines will be.

real horn shirt button

Shell button

Also called mother-of-pearl buttons, they are buttons made from the pearly side of the shell. They are a more artistic button. They are shiny and elegant in texture. They are often paired with light-colored suits and are often used on high-end shirts. See the mother-of-pearl button. Among them, the white butterfly shell is the most precious.

shell shirt button

2. Artificial button

Metal button

It includes pure metal and plated metal buttons. The common colors are gold (including rose gold) and silver. Nowadays, more old metal colors appear on suit buttons, but most of them are more fashionable styles. Metal buttons are the most suitable for presenting totems, and many brands have done a lot of articles on them.

metal shirt button

Resin button

A relatively common button material, the so-called resin is plastic. Although it is not precious, it has excellent materials and properties, such as waterproofing and easy styling. In addition, it is also very important to judge the quality of buttons ~ Advanced custom-made shirts usually have their brand name engraved on the buttons. If there are engraved words on the buttons, you should check whether the engraved words are clearly visible.

resin shirt button

In addition, there are also types of buttons such as wood buttons, coconut button , corozo buttons, bamboo buttons, rubber buttons, ceramic buttons, etc

People who pay attention to details are easy to succeed, and people who pay attention to details will also make their clothes impeccable. An inconspicuous button can immediately upgrade your clothes. Finding the right button is like finding your soul mate. Details highlight quality. Next time you customize a shirt, don’t forget to pay attention to the buttons and replace them with your favorite buttons.

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