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How to choose clothing buttons for children

Feb 29,2024


Buttons are an indispensable and important part of children's clothing. But do you know how to choose buttons for children?

How to Choose Children's Buttons Correctly and Grasp the Safety of Materials

Buttons occupy many elements in children's clothing and are an indispensable and important component.

Children's clothing buttons should focus on reflecting two main characteristics: first, the color should be bright, and second, the strength of the button should be strong, because children have the habit of grasping or biting clothes with their hands, so the button must be firm and cannot fall off immediately.

In addition, with the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, countries around the world have increasingly strict safety requirements for children's products, including buttons. Usually, it is required that the combination buttons for children's clothing should not contain heavy metal elements and toxic elements, such as chromium, nickel, cobalt, copper, mercury, lead, etc. The dyes used must not contain ingredients that can be decomposed into substances that are toxic to the human body. so these must be carefully considered when selecting.

So children's buttons not only have aesthetic requirements, but also have particularly important requirements for safety materials.

How to choose clothing buttons for children

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