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Suit button rules

Nov 10,2023


Suits are common clothing in our lives, but do you know the importance of the number and rows of buttons?

Suit styles are measured by the number of buttons, and are mainly divided into single-breasted and double-breasted. Single-breasted buttons are available in 1, 2, and 3-button styles, while double-breasted buttons are mainly available in 2-button or 4-button styles. Different numbers of buttons lead to different styles of suits.

1. Single-breasted 1-button suits: 1-button suits are often very casual styles and are mainly loved by young people. Wearing 1 button when getting married will look very energetic, but it should be noted that if you wear 1 button The groom should keep the buttons buttoned up, which will make it look more formal and suitable for the wedding occasion.

2. Single-breasted 2-button suit: A 2-button suit will have a stronger business atmosphere. It is a very common style and the most accepted. If the groom doesn’t know what style of suit suits him, a 2-button suit will usually not go wrong.

3. Single-breasted 3-button suit: 3-button suit is the most traditional and formal suit, but few people choose it now. 3-button suits are generally very slim-fitting and suitable for grooms with a moderate figure. Grooms wearing three-button suits should remember that the third button is never buttoned.

4.Double-breasted: Double-breasted suits have relatively high requirements on the groom's body shape. They were first evolved from military uniforms. The slim-fitting style can show male beauty to the greatest extent. If the groom likes to wear military uniforms, try a double-breasted suit.

Wearing a suit should follow the following etiquette principles:

1. The color of the upper and lower parts of the suit should be the same. In terms of matching, two of the suits, shirts, and ties should be plain colors.

2. Leather shoes must be worn when wearing a suit. Casual shoes, cloth shoes and travel shoes are not suitable.

3. The color of the shirt worn with the suit should be coordinated with the color of the suit and cannot be the same color. White shirts look great with suits of any color. Men should not wear brightly colored plaid or patterned shirts on formal occasions. Shirt cuffs should be 1-2 cm longer than suit cuffs. You must wear a tie when wearing a suit on formal and solemn occasions. When wearing a tie, your shirt collar button must be fastened.

4. Suit buttons can be divided into single row or double row, and the button fastening method should be particular.

5. Don't put too many things in the jacket pockets and trouser pockets of your suit. Don't wear too much underwear when wearing a suit. It's best to wear only one shirt in spring and autumn. Don't wear a cotton sweater under a shirt in winter. You can wear a woolen sweater outside the shirt. Wearing too much bulk will ruin the overall beauty of the suit.

6. The color and pattern of the tie should be coordinated with the suit. When wearing a tie, the length of the tie should be enough to touch the belt buckle. The tie clip should be worn between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt.