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What is zirconia ceramic buttons

Oct 08,2023


Zirconia ceramic button are a new type of buttons with a unique style - Hangzhou Yuming

Zirconia ceramic buttons have high strength and toughness at room temperature, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness and high brightness. At 1000°C, the strength and hardness of zirconia ceramics almost remain unchanged, and its density is 8.00g/cm3. However, at normal temperature, it can remain unchanged for a long time.

Zirconia ceramic button need to be mixed at a ratio of 1:5 in the mixing and selection process, and are calcined at a high temperature of 2000°C into embryos. After being cooled and polished, they are returned to the furnace to continue calcining and forming, and then other processes are integrated.

Advantage of zirconia ceramic button

Ceramic buttons are made of pure natural materials and have no side effects on the human body.

Ceramic buttons are a new type of buttons with a unique style.

Ceramic buttons are made of high technology. They are hard in texture, can withstand high temperatures and cold, and have the unique luster of gems.

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