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What is corozo button ?

Aug 27,2023


The raw material for corozo buttons comes from the fruits of palm trees, which are hard and have a texture and color similar to ivory, also known as ivory fruit, indicating excellent quality.

The raw material of corozo buttons comes from the nut of palm trees. The nut are hard and the texture is like ivory in color ,which shows that they are of the highest quality. corozo buttons are called imitation ivory buttons in the button industry. Because when this nut from South America is cut, the color and texture of the cut surface are very similar to ivory. This kind of button has a very good luster after being properly polished. Due to the elegant texture of corozo buttons and the relationship between resources, the buttons are of a higher grade than ordinary wooden buttons, but the price is also higher. The main blank is produced in Ecuador, South America, and is processed using nut shells as the base. The manufacturing process of nut buttons is completely different from the traditional resin button manufacturing process. There are high requirements for polishing and coloring during the manufacturing process. It is characterized by hard texture, good texture, resistance to ironing, and can be processed by laser engraving. It is currently the first choice for domestic high-end men's clothing, but it is Hygroscopicity, so it is easy to get moldy in high humidity season, and will deteriorate to varying degrees over time, making it the most difficult to guarantee the quality of garment accessories.

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