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What is acrylic button?

May 17,2024


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Acrylic buttons, also known as plexiglass buttons, are widely used in commercial and daily necessities due to their unique material properties. Here are the pros and cons of acrylic buttons:

Advantages of acrylic buttons:

  • High transparency: The transparency of acrylic buttons is very high, sometimes even exceeding that of glass, and can clearly show the pattern or design inside it, increasing the beauty and appeal of the product.
  • Wear resistance: Acrylic buttons have high surface hardness and are not easily scratched or worn, ensuring the durability and durability of the product.
  • Good processability: Acrylic material is easy to process and can be processed through cutting, engraving, hot bending, bonding and other processes to make buttons of various shapes and sizes to meet different design needs.
  • Good toughness: Acrylic buttons have high toughness, are not easy to break or deform, and can adapt to various complex usage environments.
  • High aesthetics: Acrylic buttons can be designed in a variety of exquisite patterns and colors, making the product more beautiful and fashionable.

Disadvantages of acrylic buttons:

  • Poor impact resistance: Acrylic buttons have small hardness and expansion coefficient, poor impact resistance and impact resistance, and are easily broken or damaged when subjected to strong impact.
  • Poor chemical resistance: Acrylic buttons have a great dissolving effect on many chemical reagents such as alcohol, acetone and dilute hydrochloric acid. They have poor chemical resistance and are not suitable for storage or transportation of these chemicals.
  • Poor heat resistance: Acrylic buttons have a low softening temperature, usually between 100-140°C, so they are easily deformed or damaged in high-temperature environments and are not suitable for applications in high-temperature environments.
  • Higher price: Compared with other materials such as plastic or metal, acrylic buttons are more expensive, which increases the manufacturing cost of the product.

In general, acrylic buttons have many advantages, such as high transparency, wear resistance, good processability, good toughness, and high aesthetics, but there are also some disadvantages, such as poor impact resistance, poor chemical resistance, poor heat resistance, and price. Higher level. When choosing to use acrylic buttons, comprehensive considerations need to be made based on the specific use environment and needs. 

Hangzhou Yuming offers all kinds of buttons to meet the various needs of customers.Support OEM&ODM service. acrylic button catalog