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What are wood button ?

Dec 04,2023


As people pursue green environmental quality, the consumption of wooden buttons is increasing year by year.

In recent years, as people pursue greener environmental quality, the demand for such wooden buttons has increased, with consumption in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan gradually rising. The product structure is dominated by wood buttons. The motivation for people to choose wood buttons stems from their boredom with the long-term use of synthetic plastics in large quantities, and natural wood buttons cater to people's psychology.

Wood buttons have natural wood texture, which is very simple and natural. In addition, its appearance is relatively rough, which is in sharp contrast with the high gloss of plastic buttons. Therefore, this type of buttons matches well with linen fabrics or plain casual clothing, and at the same time can satisfy some people's unconventional and unconventional aesthetic habits. The main component of wood buttons is lignin, which is extremely resistant to organic solvents and can be used with durable dry cleaning agents and can be dry cleaned together with clothing.

The fatal disadvantage of wood buttons is its absorbency. Since wood fibers are highly absorbent, they will quickly absorb water and swell in humid weather or if they are put into water. When they dry again, they may crack, deform, or become rough, making it easy to snag clothing.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of wood buttons, when selecting materials, attention should be paid to choosing wood or parts with dense wood, long growth period, and old trees. After the buttons are polished, use high-quality varnish to treat the surface to seal all water-absorbing pores. Buttons treated in this way can avoid the problem of easily absorbing water.

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