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Types of shell buttons

Mar 04,2024


There are various types of real shell buttons, mainly including the following.

Real shell button, also known as Shell Button, is one of the oldest buttons in the world, with a history of over 300 years. Real shell buttons are made of natural materials with special texture and luster, making them particularly suitable for mid to high-end clothing, adding a unique elegance and fashion atmosphere. There are various types of real shell buttons, mainly including the following.

Takase Shell Button

This type of button material is thick and has a good pearlescent layer, which can be used to process buttons of various shapes from size 14L to 44L. After being bleached with hydrogen peroxide, the color of the button is light yellow green. On this basis, it can be dyed into various colors, suitable for various mid to high-end clothing. Due to the high price and good color of seashells, their sales price is also high, and they are mostly used in silk clothing in China.

Mother of Pearl Shell Button

The pearl oyster buttons include various types of shells, such as White Mother of Pearl Shell,Black Mother of Pearl Shell, and various types of pearl oysters. The shells are mostly medium to large in shape, with a thickness ranging from medium to thick. The color of the pearl layer ranges from white to dark gray, and can be used to make buttons in size 14L-44L. The surface smoothness of the button is good, and the biggest feature is the obvious pearl luster. It is a mid to high-end variety of shell buttons, so the price is higher. The light colored buttons are often used on high-end shirts and T-shirts, while the dark colored ones are often used on high-end silk clothing or suits.

Akoya Shell Button

The shell type is relatively small and thin in size, but the pearlescent layer has excellent luster and a tough texture. The button weight is light and firm. These types of buttons have poor flatness and are often made into two holes buttons, which are used for women's casual wear with light and thin fabrics. They are cheaper than pointed tail screws and black butterfly shell buttons.

Abalone shell button

Abalone Shell is a good material for making buttons. The characteristic of this type of button is that the button surface is uneven, with a fine filamentous diagonal pattern on the back, which is mostly brownish red in color. The front side shows a strong purple red, yellow green rainbow pearl light, with a thin thickness and a hard texture. This type of button is mostly a two holes button, commonly used on lightweight clothing.

River Pearl Shell

These types of buttons come in colors ranging from white to brownish yellow, with a fair gloss on the pearlescent layer. The thickness ranges from thin to medium, with the majority being thin. The biggest feature is that the price is cheap, but the taste is low. It is often processed into two holes or four holes button, and after dyeing, various colors can be obtained.

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