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The process of making shell buttons

Sep 21,2023


The production of shell buttons is different from resin buttons. It mainly goes through seven processes

The production of shell buttons is different from resin buttons. It mainly goes through seven processes: shell selection, punching and cutting, polishing, notching, drilling, surface turning, polishing and bleaching. In the early days, the power source of the machinery for making shell buttons was to drive the rotation of the pulley through the pedal. This has been completely replaced by mechanization. However, for some traditional button factories, semi-manual processes are still used when making shell buttons, which can keep the shells. of natural luster and charm. The production process of shell buttons is as follows:

Selection of shells: Select different shells according to button size and requirements, but the utilization rate of shells is actually not high.

Punching and shearing: also called blanking, refers to making the initial button blank.

Polishing: Place the button blank flat surface on the grinding wheel and grind it evenly.

Button groove: button a part of the middle of the button to give the button a concave shape.

Drilling: Drill different holes according to different needs, usually two holes and four holes.

(Such a shell button has actually been basically formed, but as the times progress, people's requirements for buttons are getting higher and higher, so to make the button more perfect, you need to take the following steps.)

Car surface: Makes the shell pattern more beautiful.

Polishing and bleaching: Boil the shell buttons that have gone through the above process, then put them into a rotating bucket and rub them with water to polish and bleach them.

Such an exquisite shell button is completed.

Because shells come from nature, they exude elegance and allure from the inside out. At the same time, people often associate shells with pearls, so it is a bit noble to be there. However, different types of shells have their own unique properties. Understanding the properties of different shells will enable you to use these shell buttons more accurately.

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