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how to choose garment rivet

Feb 29,2024


How to choose the diameter, length, and head shape of rivets, let Hangzhou Yuming tell you

1. Requirements for rivet size

1.1 Diameter requirements

The selection of rivet diameter should be determined based on the thickness of the parts to be connected. Generally speaking, the ratio of rivet diameter to the thickness of the connected parts should be 1:2 or 1:3. For example, when the thickness of the connected parts is 2mm, rivets with a diameter of 4 or 6mm should be selected.

1.2 Length requirements

The selection of rivet length should be determined according to the thickness of the connecting piece and the connection requirements. In general, the rivet length should be at least 3mm longer than the thickness of the connecting part to ensure proper nail head protrusion and sufficient riveting depth.

1.3 Head shape requirements

There are different types of rivet head shapes, such as round head, flat head, semi-round head and cone head, etc. The selection should be based on the shape of the connected parts and the connection requirements. For example, when connecting two thin plates, you should choose semicircular head or cone head rivets to ensure that the riveting is firm.

2. Methods and precautions for selecting rivets

2.1 First, select the appropriate rivet diameter and length according to the connection requirements and the characteristics of the connected parts.

2.2 When selecting rivets, you should pay attention to the material of the rivet. Generally, it should be selected according to the hardness and tensile strength of the connecting piece to ensure that the strength of the rivet matches the part.

2.3 The head shape of the rivet should also be selected according to the characteristics and requirements of the connection part, and ensure that it is selected appropriately.

2.4 When selecting rivets, pay attention to their anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, and try to choose rivets with better corrosion resistance.

2.5 When using rivets, correct operating procedures should be followed according to usage requirements and recommendations to ensure that the rivets are in full contact with the contact surface and installed correctly. At the same time, check whether the rivets are in normal condition to ensure riveting quality.

The above is the relevant content about rivet size requirements and selection methods. I hope it will be helpful to you. In actual use, detailed selection and use should be made according to needs to ensure the quality and reliability of the connection.

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