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How to Choose Buttons for Customized Suits

Aug 02,2023


How to Choose Buttons for Customized Suits

Speaking of suit button material. Maybe you haven't cared about this issue. After reading this article today, you will have a better understanding of the details and quality of suits.

custom suit button

If a high-end custom-made suit is matched with an ordinary button, the grade of the suit will be greatly reduced. In many cases, the details determine the quality, and one carelessness may destroy the sense of class of the whole suit. Choosing your favorite, high-quality buttons is to have a top-notch, exclusive, and unique feeling, so please don't ignore the buttons of the suit.

The button of a suit is one of the characteristics of suit customization, and it is a detail that cannot be ignored. The common types of middle and high-end suit buttons are nut buttons, resin buttons, metal buttons, shell buttons, horn buttons, and wooden buttons.

Nut buttons, nut buttons refer to any buttons made of natural nut, nut shells and other raw materials. Currently, ivory nut buttons are mainly used in high-end suits. Therefore, the application of nut buttons is relatively wide. Unlike shell buttons or horn buttons, which are difficult to dye, they can only be in primary colors. In the color matching of buttons and suits, they can only be used in some colors of suits, but nut buttons are easy to mold.

nut button

Resin buttons, resin buttons are the best choice to replace nut buttons. The color of nut button dyeing is inconsistent, some are deep and some are light. Resin buttons have the characteristics of light resistance, high temperature resistance, no fading, no breakage, and good toughness, especially non-toxic and environmentally friendly. At the same time, they have remarkable characteristics in wear resistance, flame retardancy, and high temperature resistance. They are the first choice for high-end suit customization.

resin button

Metal buttons include pure metal and plated metal buttons. The common colors are gold (including rose gold) and silver. Now there are more old metal colors appearing on suit buttons.

metal hole button

Shell buttons, also called mother-of-pearl buttons, are buttons that are polished from the pearly side of the shell. Because the shell color is lighter and the luster is gorgeous and changeable, it is not suitable for matching with dark suits. It is often used in light-colored casual suits, but it is more used in high-end shirts.

shell button

Horn buttons, the most commonly used in high-end suits are natural horn buttons, and black buffalo horns are generally used. The pattern of pure natural horn buttons is more obvious, such as flower horn buttons, dark brown black horn buttons, brown coffee horn buttons and milk white white horn buttons, etc. Each natural horn button has a unique pattern. Irregular natural textures are never imitated and surpassed by resin buttons;

horn button

And some tailor-made suits will use simulated horn buttons when matching. The advantage of the simulated horn button is that due to its variety of colors, it can also avoid the problem of mismatching when matching suits. No matter it is a custom-made suit with any fabric, you will not feel any conflict visually. However, the color on the button is artificially added after being broken, which is a "non-natural" product;

Wooden buttons are relatively rare in the market, and wooden buttons are mostly designed by designers to pursue chicness. Wooden buttons fit well with spring and summer light cotton and linen suits.

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wood button

The level of customization of a suit can be seen from a button. Button material selection, grinding, polishing and other processes are essential. The highest quality suits will of course have buttons that are both functional and beautiful, so when you choose a custom suit, please don't ignore the buttons of the suit.

Hangzhou Yuming is a professional garment accessories factory in china. We have 20 years + professional experience. Small order is available. We can provide free sample for you!

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