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Nov 21,2023


Fabric covered buttons are a traditional handicraft that can be used to decorate clothes, wallets, etc.

Fabric covered buttons are a traditional handicraft that can be used to decorate clothes, wallets, etc. During the production process, the fabric needs to be cut into square or circular shapes, then sewn together to form a whole, and finally tied with rope to fix it. Fabric covered buttons are a small variety of Chinese buttons.

fabric covered shank button

Today, as the requirements for the quality of life at home and abroad continue to increase, buttons have both the functions of "button" and "viewing button". Its development prospects are generally favored by chief designers of major brands in the industry. From the initial clothing application to clothing, handbags, hats, shoes, DIY accessories, toys, crafts, stationery, fashion homewares, furniture and other fields.

Production process

The production process of fabric covered buttons mainly includes the following steps: 1. Prepare materials: select fabrics of appropriate size and shape according to the design drawing; 2. Cut the fabric: fold the fabric into a rectangle or square, and process it according to the drawing requirements ; 3. Sewing, folding and crimping: sew the processed fabric as shown in the drawing; 4. Sewing: sew the cut fabric along the direction of the lines in the drawing through the stitch positions; 5. Bonding, Fixing: Paste the fabric on the drawing and tie it firmly with rope.

Material selection

The choice of material for fabric covered buttons is an important factor. Different fabrics and fibers provide different types of buttons. Generally speaking, leather materials have better wear resistance, so its wear resistance needs to be taken into consideration during the production process; cotton fabrics are softer, so they are easy to deform, but they are also relatively difficult to wear. In addition, other types of fabrics or fibers can be selected for button design depending on the season and usage needs. All in all, choosing the right fabric and material is crucial to making high-quality, durable fabric covered buttons.

Production Method

The production process of fabric covered buttons generally includes the following steps: 1. First, choose one that suits your clothing. 2. Secondly, choose the appropriate fabric for processing according to your body shape, making sure the fabric is soft and comfortable; 3. Next is the choice of fabric. Be sure to use good fabrics and don't just buy cheap materials, which will only make the clothes look bloated; 4. The last step is sewing. Sew the fabric together as required, and add a little decoration to complete a beautiful button. Features of the finished product: fabric covered buttons can not only be used to match clothes, but can also be worn as accessories or included in gift boxes.

Finished product features

Fabric covered buttons are a traditional handicraft that has the advantages of being washable and wear-resistant. Material selection and production methods need to be considered during the production process. Material selection: Commonly used fabrics include cotton, linen, velvet, silk, etc.

Production process: First, soak the fabric in water for more than 2 hours; then roll the fabric into small rolls; then put the small rolls on the loom to weave into cloth bags; finally put the woven cloth bags into water and clean them.

Features of the finished product

Washable and non-fading;

Strong wear resistance;

Not easy to deform and wrinkle, with beautiful appearance;

Wide range of applications;

Moderate price. Fabric covered buttons have many advantages, such as being beautiful, portable and easy to use.

2 holes fabric covered button

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