What is the material of the metal button

Materials, advantages, and applications of metal buttons

Material types of metal buttons

Metal buttons are usually made of materials such as brass, zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc. Among them, brass buttons are widely used due to their good thermal conductivity and processability, and are suitable for various types of textiles; Zinc alloy buttons are highly favored due to their unique color and surface treatment effect; Stainless steel buttons have extremely high corrosion resistance and strength, and are commonly used in outdoor clothing and workwear.

brass button

Brass material has good toughness and steel ratio, it is relatively stable during stamping and can meet the requirements of button shape; It also has the characteristics of being less prone to rusting, making it more suitable for manufacturing buttons and also the preferred material for metal buttons.

Iron button

The biggest characteristic of iron pressed buttons is that they are cheap. Generally, buttons produced with iron are for the sake of cost-effectiveness and are cost-effective! Compared to brass materials, iron materials have stronger steel properties, as their stability is not very good during the production process and they are prone to cracking during stamping. At the same time, iron materials are more prone to rusting and can be used for a long period of time after surface treatment processes such as electroplating. Because of this, it is a good choice for clothing with low quality requirements and limited cost budgets.

Zinc alloy button

This type of button is produced using zinc alloy material through a die-casting machine, characterized by strong three-dimensional feeling, no rusting, and diverse changes. At the same time, because it is an alloy material, the weight of a single product is relatively heavier than that of brass and iron materials. Because of this characteristic, many clothing uses alloy buttons.

The characteristics of metal buttons

1.Durable and sturdy

Compared to other types of buttons, metal buttons are more durable. Due to their material characteristics, metal buttons can effectively withstand the weight of clothing and frequent use, without being easily damaged, and have a longer lifespan.

2.Beautiful and practical

The appearance of metal buttons is beautiful and generous, with a good texture. It is also more practical, without worrying about deformation and other issues during use, and can better maintain the aesthetics of clothing.

3.Good treatment effect

The surface of metal buttons can be further treated to enhance their appearance. For example, the aesthetics and corrosion resistance of metal buttons can be increased by chrome plating or electroplating oxidation treatment on the metal surface.

The scope of use of metal buttons

Metal button are more suitable for making high-end clothing, leather goods, handbags and other products, especially for products that require repeated use and frequent contact and tearing. Metal buttons have better application effects. Meanwhile, due to the more beautiful and high-end appearance of metal buttons, they are often used in the clothing design and production of high-end fashion brands.

In short, metal button are one of the common types of buttons, usually made of different types of metal materials. Their main characteristics are durability, aesthetics, and practicality. The use of metal buttons in appropriate scenarios and designs can bring better application effects and aesthetics.

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