Difference types of jeans button

Types, applications, and common problems of jeans button.

1.Type of jeans button

1.1 hollow jeans button  

Hollow jeans button have become popular in these years. Their appearance makes jeans button show a sense of the times and a three-dimensional sense, which satisfies modern people's pursuit of modern fashion and trends to a certain extent

1.2 solid jeans button

Before hollow jeans button occupy the market in large numbers, most of the market is solid jeans button. The design of solid jeans button is relatively smooth, lubricated and plump, and most of them are smooth button on the surface of the button. Later, this trend gradually changed, and it became a variety of patterns to replace the monotonous smooth round surface. Most of the solid jeans button were printed with the brand's logo. This phenomenon not only changed It eliminates the monotony of the solid jeans button, and at the same time, it also helps to vigorously promote the brand awareness of the company. Therefore, this type of solid jeans button has greatly increased, occupying a major share of the market, and often appears in our daily life.

1.3 movable jeans button

One of the outstanding advantages of the shank jeans button is that they can avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of wearing due to the large size of the button itself. In addition, the shaking head jeans button is also more convenient when fastening and unbuttoning. This effect makes this type of shaking jeans button gradually gain the favor of the majority of merchants and customers.

1.4 fixed jeans button

Fixed jeans button are generally used on objects with relatively hard surfaces. The advantage of this kind of fixed jeans button is that they are very stable and are not easy to fall off under normal circumstances. People will not use them because of them. The location is easy to change and difficult to find accurately.

1.5 single prong jeans button

  The jeans button on most of our clothes use single prong jeans button. This type of single prong jeans button is very convenient to use, and will not appear too cumbersome and cumbersome. At the same time, it will also present a simple, clear, generous and decent visual effect.


1.6 double prong jeans button

Compared with the single prong jeans button, the double prong jeans button has an advantage, that is, it can make the button adhere to the garment more highly. At the same time, the double prong jeans button can also show a person's personality on clothes.

2. jeans button application

  Jeans button are mainly used on denim clothing, and at the same time, they are also used on some thicker or rougher fabrics, such as leather clothes, down jackets, boots, leather bags and so on.

3. Common problems of jeans button

  • The jeans button is used on jeans, and it can be pulled apart with a little force

   This situation is mainly due to the fact that the nail and the button are not tight, and sometimes this situation is also related to the shape of the nail.

  • Put the nail into the button, and directly penetrate the surface of the jeans button  

  This is mainly because the face of the jeans button is too thin, so it cannot withstand the impact of the nails, and the button surface will be pierced.

  • If the jeans button is used on jeans, the surface will lose color  

  The fading of the surface of the jeans button is generally related to the spray paint. If the paint is peeled off, the color will generally not last long. After being oxidized in the air, the color will become lighter, and at the same time, it will fall off during the rubbing process.

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