The difference between metal eyelet of different materials

Metal eyelet have iron eyelet, brass eyelet, aluminum eyelet, stainless steel eyelet; Do you know the difference between metal eyelet of different materials.

Product features

  • Iron eyelet: low price, easy to curl and form, but the disadvantage is that it will rust over time;
  • brass eyelet: rustless, is the most widely used, has many colors, and has a positive color. Its disadvantages are that it is relatively expensive;
  • Aluminum eyelet: low price, does not rust, the disadvantage is that the material is soft, not tensile, and has few colors;
  • Stainless steel eyelet: rustless, low price, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to curl and form, etc., and has few colors;

Material of metal eyelet: iron, brass, aluminum, stainless steel;

Shape: round, square, oval , mushroom, mesh, U-shaped, pentagonal and other special shapes;

Color process: spray painting, plastic spraying, electroplating;

Export indicators: environmental protection, inspection needles, generally need to be explained in advance, and can be customized;

Eyelet Application: clothing, bags, shoes and hats, curtains, belts, shoe boxes, tags, packaging, outdoor

metal eyelet

brass eyelet
aluminum eyelet
stainless steel eyelet
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