Application of soft silicon rubber button

Rubber buttons are made of soft and flexible rubber material, and hangzhou yuming provide customized silicone rubber buttons with logos for shirts or children's clothing. The most commonly used rubber button shapes are usually two or four holes, and in addition to the most conventional round shape, there are other shapes, such as square, heart-shaped, star shaped, and so on. In terms of color, rubber buttons can be paired with colorful colors to add more cuteness.

Buttons are soft and elastic , so they can be slightly bent. This button is one of the most commonly used clothing buttons. They are ideal choices for shirts, children's clothing, sewing accessories, clothing bags, sportswear, and more. Rubber buttons are durable and resistant to scratches, cracking, and fading. Can withstand most environments and can be dry cleaned and cleaned.

Our rubber buttons use safe materials. Therefore, they can all pass environmental testing. Accept customized services to engrave your logo or other text on the buttons.Looking forward to cooperate with you !

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